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FLF's Religion Class
What is Eremitism famous for creating?
What is the motto of the Benedictine order?
Name one of the Desert Fathers.
Who was the abbot of the monastery at Monte Cassino?
What order of monks focused on the splendor of the Church?
What country was the site of the Cistercian monks?
What order has a symbol that shows the word Veritas?
In what year was the concordat of Worms?
In what year was the first crusade?
In what year was the Sack of Jerusalem?
FLF's Religion Class
In what year was the Treaty of Verdun?
In what year was the Dictatus Papae issued?
In what year were the Vikings victorius in England?
Name the missionary order of the Catholic Church
Name one of the three orders of Charity of the Catholic Church?
Name one of the two of the Mendicant orders of the Catholic Church?
Name one of the two Contemplative orders of the Catholic Church?
What was the main heresy combatted by the Inquisition?
What is the judicial procedure intended to detect and address heresies?
What two orders were the inquisitors of the Inquisition?

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