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Forced Order
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ARiptide in Greek
B'Percy can pass seventh grade, food can be ____.'
CDemeter's favorite food
DA queue in the underworld; Ez ____ Line.
EGrover yells this in Percy's mind when he dives in the River Styx
FWhat is Leneus?
GLaistrygonian _____
HBlue Giant
IDaedalus's son
JGod of Doorways
KEmpousae cheerleader
LFat old satyr
MChiron's pseudonym
NJeez, Annabeth. You're like an old _____ goat.
OI fell on Blackjack's back, and it really hurt. In fact when I yelled OWWWW! my voice was an _______ higher than usual.
PDaedalus's nephew
QDaedalus's pseudonym
RRed haired girl
SAres is the ____ of Zeus
TCursed activities director
UActor who plays Medusa
VSirens have the body of a -------
VVIn Heroes of Olympus Jason needs to free Hera by the _____________ Solstice.
XType NOTHING into the box - i couldn't think of anything
YPercy's first school in the series
ZType NOTHING into the box - i couldn't think of anything

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