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Can you name the Minecraft AZ?

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The game is made by Moj_____A
Used to tame wolvesB
Used to make bricksC
The desktop icon for MinecraftD
The only mob that can teleportE
Chickens/ducks drop these when killedF
How in the world are you meant to eat this?G
The ghost of a dead minerH
By smelting ore you get thisI
Pumpkin + Torch =J
What do you do when you want to get your items back after dying?K
The blue oreL
The creator of the gameM
His nicknameN
To get the nether you will need ------O
Aaah! A creeper!!! Quick, put it on _______!!!P
An item to hold arrows which was removed from the game.Q
Pigs will drop thisR
That'________ a very nicccccce hou____e you have there.S
Everyone's fave blockT
Quick youre running out of hearts! Swim ____U
A color of woolV
You get this from sheepW
Noteblocks make notes like a ______X
Another color of woolY
Hmm, didn't I collect porkchops from something similar to you?Z

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