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Can you name the A - Z of Beast Quest?

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AKid in the North of Avantia
BThe Buried Doom
CThe Giant Monkey
DWhat you are if you don't dodge Mortaxe's axe
EThe Bird that Aduro calls a Phoenix
FThe Bat Fiend
GFreya is the Mistress of...
HThe Fiery Foe
IPlace in Northern Avantia
JKoron the...
K'I'm starting to think there is nothing normal about -------' said Tom.
LWhat Ellik is.
MThe Rat Monster
NThe Snow Monster
OThe Black...
PLatest Series
Q'While there's Blood in my veins, I will never ----!' said Tom.
RThe Ruler of the Underworld
SThe Winged Stallion
TThe Hurricane Dragon
UWhat Cavemen say (this has nothing to do with Beast Quest)
VThe Wasp Queen
XThe answer is Nothing
YThe answer is Nothing
ZThe Monster Squid

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