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'Are you eating garbage bagels?'
'I am gentrification'
'Vape life'
'Daaayum, that penis is pink!'
'Taxes pay for the gayest stuff. Libraries. Parks. Beaches.'
'I will not buy a Sodastream full price!'
'God, Ilana! Don't Black Swan me like that!'
'I've cleaned more pubes than you have on your entire body'
'I am a doo-doo ninja.'
'I want stability, I want a guy with a six-figure income and a good job. Suck his d.'
'I was only doing butt stuff'
'You have to dance with the truck'
'Why would we be rating them on d*** size?'
“Sometimes, you’re so anti-racist that you’re actually really racist.”
'I have a confession to make too: I have prosthetic balls.'
'B****, you're 22'
'Is a d***-phone?'
'Because I'm a boss! I'm a...badass...boss!'
'Why does this always happen to me?'
'The va-nine-ya is nature's pocket'

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