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Stayed awake for 201 hours, developed mental disturbance and hallucinations
Research if money can overcome sleep deprivation
Selective disruption of REM and NREM showed improvement on simple visual task, depended on REM
Said phase advance is worse, sleep well before a flight
Hibernation Theory
Explantion of sleep function that say sleep has evolved into an essential behaviour
Found SCN damage in squirrels eliminated normal circadian patterns
Research family conflict and development of insomnia
suggested REM = brain restoration and NREM = body restoration
Changed Philadelphia Police to 18 forward rotation shift, found 40% reduction in accidents, 30% reduction in sleeping on job
Exhausting physical exercise = go to sleep faster
Motor learning improved if sleep followed training
Damaged the SCN of rats, finding they had defective sleep patterns
Studies sleep patterns of 54 species, found numerous correlations
Meta anaylsis of 65 studies of sleep patterns of 5-102 year olds
Neurotransmitter secreted by the pineal gland
Lived in a cave for 179 days with no natural light, thought he was in there for 151 days
Suggested sleep keeps prey safe
Circadian rhythm of morning type is 2 hours ahead of evening type
Part of the brain that convert light to nerve impulses (involved in seasonal affective disorder)
Changed Utah Chemical plant to 3 week forward rotation shift. Found higher productivity, lower stress and better health
Damaged the SCN of male hamsters, which eliminated their circannual rhythm of testosterone
Stayed awake for 264 hours, developed blurred vision, mild paranoia
Said sleep time and NREM and REM can be influenced by a range of other factors
Studied 39 species, found prey sleep less than predators
Developed restoration theory, saying NREM doesnt recover body tissue
Looked a NY baseball teams, phase delay won 40%, phase advance won 37%
Patients suffering from brain trauma sleep more REM
Optional (light NREM) and core sleep (deep NREM and REM)
Runners sleep more NREM after marathon
Discovered the ascending reticular formation which controlled REM (locus coeruleus) and NREM (Raphe Nuclei)

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