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Forced Order
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Outlined the stages of imitation
Instituational psychopaths have damaged amydalas
Said that XYY = more aggressive
Convergence Theory and emergent norm
Value Added Theory
Circular reaction
Man can attach enemy label to anything
Convergence theories focus on how like minded people come together so the behaviour seems rational
We do not see situational forces for terrorists, their actions are unique
Lorenz's methods aren't current in ethology
In 1930s, anti black violence increased
4 main drivers: Fear, aggression, hunger, reproduction
Behaviour thats looks irrational maybe rational, emergent norm theory doesnt account for non verbal process, and value added although logical, doesnt take complexities into account
Suggested the frustration-aggression hypothesis
Castrated male mice and found them less aggressive
Contagion Theory
Benign and malignant aggression
Created ARRM, the four stages of S.L.T
Identified the 47 XYY karotype in men
You cannot draw comparisons between species and assume it is the same for humans
Air force veterans testosterone levels reduced when married
Looked at the cue arousal theory and tested if a fire arm might trigger aggressive behaviour, using a gun and a badminton racket
Looked into situational and individualistic forces in institutional aggression
Found that out of 500 attacks in Northern Ireland, 200 were disguised
Bobo doll study
Low levels of serotonin =impulsive violence
Culture clash is not the cause of terrorism
Found inhibitions lowered when talking about porn in groups
Suggested the Angry Aggression Theory
Outlined deindividuation
Serotonin affects the whole body
Hamsters have more active neurons in and around medial nucleus of amygdla
Basal Model of Testosterone = High testosterone leads to aggression
Recreated Migram's study using women
Reciprocal Model of Testosterone = Level of dominance affects testosterone
Different groups aggression theories can explain diffent elements of crowd behaviour
3 factors affecting aggression: Process of learning, Structural causes and psychological causes
Generalisation between animals and humans and more viable, basics are the same, details are different
Suggested fraternalistic and egoistic relative deprivation
Animals disputes show restrain
Animals aim is to rid of presence, not destroy
Lynching were justified to keep white control
Research hormones affecting aggression in prison. Found positive correlation between level of androgens
Mela festival is non aggressive example
Lynchings were because of black's stigmatisation as ****
Lynchings ensured no challenge by blacks
Against deinidividuation causing aggression. Found when in a dark room p'pants became sexually aroused
Found trick or treaters in large groups are more anti social
Replicated cue arousal study and found no evidence
The effect of livving for the moment (having identity concealed so you can vent violent impulses)
Later hypothalamus in cats = predator aggression, medial hypothalamus = vicious attacks
Crowd events produce unreliable data
Bred highly aggressive mice, suggesting genetic basis
Men with higher testosterone more likely to stay single and be arrested
Tested monkeys serotonin levels and found low serotonin = die young, high serotonin = more grooming
Crowd behaviour is different to group behaviour
Research personality traits of XY in comparison to XYY and found only height is associated with XYY
Hypothalamus initiates aggressive behavior in cats
Similar experiment to cue arousal theory, except found opposite
Warriors wearing face paint would be more aggressive
People with speech impediments spoke clearer when masked
Merging of minds

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