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Name of Buffy's stuffed pig? 
Where Giles and Jenny have their second date? 
Anya's demon name? 
Anya's age? 
Fill in the blank on this Drusilla quote: 'Miss _____ speaks out of turn. She is a bad example and today she shall have no cakes.'  
What does Spike call the anointed one? 
Name of Buffy and Willow's dorm hall? 
Kathy hangs a poster of who in Buffy's dorm? 
What do Willow and Buffy have a poster of on their dorm door? 
What about Riley's poster? 
How does Buffy kill the second demon in the sewer tunnels Walsh sends her to? 
Mayor Wilkins's full title: Mayor Richard Wilkins the ____ 
What sacred glove does Gwendolyn Post use to try to take over the world? 
What was the name of Jenny's gypsy tribe? 
What does Angel say Darla dresses like in season 1? 
What does the Master say when he hears of Darla's death? 
What was the name of the invisible girl in Out of mind, Out of Sight? 
What was Buffy dressed as in the first Halloween episode? 
What does the lunchlady try to poison everyone with in 'earshot'? 
Who shoots Angel with poison? 

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