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Can you name the words that start with 'ph'?

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An ancient king of Egypt or a friend of Sam the Sham
A certain state capitol or a bird that rises from the ashes
A place that dispenses prescription medicine
Something seen, heard, or sensed but having no physical reality or A certain member of the opera!
An image taken with a camera
A remarkable or outstanding person
A person who increases the well-being of mankind through charitable aid or donations
The medical practice of opening veins for surgical incision/bloodletting
A persistent, abnormal, and/or irrational fear
One who presents a story through photographs with supplementary written copy
The study of the conformation of the skull based on the belief that it is indicative of mental faculties and character
A primary category in biological taxonomy especially of animals that ranks above the class and below the kingdom
A certain country in South East Asia; The country where boxer Manny Pacquiao hails from
Not geniune or real, a sham
Viscid mucous secreted in abnormal quantity in the respiratory passages
A general term for a person who is educated, clinically experienced, and licensed to practice medicine

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