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Can you name the answers to all these random Simpsons questions?

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Homer's middle name
Which celebrity turned down the chance to be on Krusty's comeback Special?
Sea Captain's surname
Which character from 24 did Bart once prank call?
What is Comic Book Guy's villain name in Treehouse of Horror X?
What words does Bart say that stop Santa's Little Helper from attacking him in 'Dog of Death'?
At what age did Homer discover a corpse?
Whose corpse was this?
What lawyer does Marge have at Thanksgiving in 'Behind the Laughter'?
In the same episode, what star did Lisa claim spat at her?
What one-off character does this star play?
Gil's surname
Name an incorrect name a character has used when talking about Radioactive Man
What ancient group are many male Springfielders a part of?
What group are Homer, Skinner, Barney and Apu a part of?
Who was a member of this group until they were replaced by Barney?
What Springfielder was once mistaken as an alien due to hospital treatment and radiation exposure?
What does Moe say his bar is called in an attempt to get out of accepting a free beer coupon?
What religion does Lisa become a part of?
What do the Simpsons use to try and lure Lisa back to Christianity?
What does Homer say his system is for gambling?
So talking of gambling, who has a big problem with gambling?
How much money does this character lose in 'Bart to the Future'?
What does Bart say Lisa gets in the future?
Who does Bart live with in the future?
What is Lisa's reaction when Bart claims she used to be cool (still talking about 'Bart to the Future')?
What is Martin's IQ (according to 'Bart the Genius')?
What is Lisa's IQ (according to 'Homer's Enemy')?
What is Professor Frink's IQ (according to 'They Saved Lisa's Brain')?
Name one of the many accessories the Simpsons show Stephen Hawking has in his wheelchair
What punishment does Skinner give Bart after skipping school, despite proving Freddy Quimby's innocence?
What comic book do Bart, Milhouse and Martin fight over?
What does Homer remember his father saying he should do if he can't build a robot?
What does Artie Ziff once admit he would give all his wealth for?
What one-off character is a James-Bond style villain?
When Santa's Little Helper is rescuing Homer from a corn cob maze, what well-known real-life man does he find?
What is Homer's slogan in the 200th episode?
In Treehouse of Horror XII, what's Marge's reaction to Lisa turning time back 5 minutes?
In the same episode, what does Bart swap Lisa's wand for?
In the same episode, what is Burns' source of power?
How much does Homer's car cost that ruins his half-brother's car company?
Oh, and what is his half-brother's name?
And how does he get his wealth back?
Name the thing he gets Bart once he's rich again
What real-life place was once offended by a song the Simpsons does, and is then referenced to in the following episode's Blackboard gag?
What futurama character is once featured in a couch gag?
Whose assassination did Krusty once foil?
Oh, and what does Krusty say this person should be called (as a joke)?
What regular character was killed in season 11?
What were their partner's last words to them?
What does Ned Flanders become in a Treehouse of Horror?
Although Burns is supposedly over 100 years old, what does he claim his age is in an earlier episode?
What country launches a nuclear missile at Springfield?
What film do Bart, Lisa, Nelson, and several other children watch after curfew?
Excluding Bart and Krusty, name Sideshow Bob's nemesis
Name one of the tortures Sideshow Bob goes through in 'Cape Feare'
What does Wiggum accidently say after catching Sideshow Bob in the same episode?
Where does Smithers say the tube in Burns' office goes?
There's one time when Mr Burns' trapdoor in his office at the plant doesn't work, why is this?
What are the wheelchair ramps made of that Fat Tony installs at the school?
How much does Fat Tony charge for this?
What is Fat Tony's real name, according to a certain squealer?
When Marge gets addicted to a certain online fantasy world, who accidently kills her?
In the same episode, what real-life footballer informs Homer that Lisa's cheating?
What element does Homer get to help his crops grow?
What is the name Homer gives to the crop he grows?
In a Treehouse of Horror, what does Marge become after a spell is put on everyone who makes them become into whatever they're wearing?
Who is Maggie's real father in another Treehouse of Horror?
What is Maggie's first word?
What is Lisa's first word?
What are Bart's first words?
Jasper's surname
What's the first thing Grampa gets after he inherits money from Bea Simmons?
Who saves Grampa's money in the same episode when going to a casino?
What is Sideshow Bob's real name?
Same for Sideshow Mel
What supervillain is locked up in Springfield prison?
Who shot Mr Burns?
Where do Bart and Milhouse get banned for life from in Season 12?
What is Lisa supposedly failing at at school in 'Lisa on Ice'?
What secret identity does Homer use to spread news around the Internet?
When Homer first gets a computer, who puts his business out of business?
In the same episode, who supposedly rescues the children who were on the school bus?
What security company does Homer form, with Lenny and Carl as fellow members?
What cruel judge punishes Bart and Homer by tethering them together?
What is Judge Snyder's first name?
What is Apu's brother's name?
What is the Cat Lady's first name?
What is Willie's fake name when Lisa makes him a gentleman?
In the same episode, where does Largo end up parking the tractor?
Where does Willie work once he becomes a gentleman?
What does the machine that Martin entered into the school science fair in the same episode measure?
Name someone's house that Bart has a key to in Trilogy of Error, apart from the Simpsons' house.
What is Fat Tony smuggling in the same episode?
What does Milhouse reply with when Bart asks what it feels like riding a girl's bike?
What band appeared in the 200th episode?
What band appeared in the 250th episode?
When Chalmers fires Skinner in the 100th episode, what does Skinner initially think Chalmers has done?
Who then becomes principal?
What does this man then do that forces Chalmers to make Skinner principal again?

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