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God's total essence, all of his spiritual being, will never be able to be seen by us, yet he shows himself to us through visible, created things1 Tim 1:17
God continually seeks to protect his own honorIsa 48:11
God delights fully in himself and in all that reflects His character1 Tim 6:15
God is separated from sin and devoted to seeking his own honorIsa. 6:3
God's kindness in withholding punishment of those who sin over a period of timeEx 34:6
God intensely hates all sinRom 1:18
All that God is and does is worthy of approval, and he is the final standard of ________Luke 18:19
God fully knows himself and all things actual and possible (past, present, and future) in one simple, eternal act1 John 3:20
God's kindness toward those in misery and distress2 Sam. 24:14
God approves and determines to bring about every action necessary for the existence and activity of himself and all creationEph 1:11
God is the sum of all desirable qualitiesPs 73:25
In God's being and actions he is separate from all confusion and disorder, yet he is continually active in innumerable well-ordered fully controlled, simultaneous actions1 Cor 14:33
God completely possesses all excellent qualities and lacks no part of any qualities that would be desirable for him Matt 5:48
God is freely and eternally giving of himself for the good of others1 John 4:8
God always represents things as they really are. All of God's knowledge and words are true and the final standard of truthJer. 10:10
God always acts in accordance with what is right and is himself the final standard of what is rightDeut 32:4
God always knows and chooses the best goals and the best means to themRom. 16:27
God will always do what he has said and fulfill what he has promisedNum 23:19
God is able to do all his holy willMatt. 19:26
God does whatever he pleasesPs 115:3
God is not made of matter, has no parts or dimensionsJohn 4:24
God's kindness toward those who deserve only punishmentRom 9:15
The created brightness that surrounds God's revelation of HimselfPs 24:10

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