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questionsanswersextra info
What is classical conditioning
What is a stimulus that does not elicit a particular response
what is operant conditioning
To master a situation and bring about changeindividuals belief or expectation that he or shecan..
modern behavior therapy states that the person is the blank and blank of their environment
behavior therapy develops procedures that give control to blank and increase their range of blank
the goal of bt is to increase people's skills so they have more options for
bt is based on the principles and procedures of the
bt deals with blank problems and their blanksas opposed to historical determinants
what's the central importance of bt?
abc model
BT is characterized by an active role for blank and blank
behavioral approaches use techniques that are blank supported and blank basedsupport and basis
behavioral techniques.....name thema.b.a, r.t., s.d, e.t, e.m.d, s.s.t,
the addition of something of value to get a desired behaviourdefinition
changing behavior through the avoidance of unpleasant stimuli definition
withholding reinforcement
goal of punishment
adding an an unpleasant stimulus to decrease behavior
removing a reinforcing stimulus to decrease behavior
limitations of bt: changes blank not blank, does not provide blank, treats blank not blankname three, cbnf, dnpi, tsnc
according to r.e.b.t. what truly effects a persons problems? their:
what does r.e.b.t. stand for?
questionsanswersextra info
r.e.b.t: assumes humans are born with potential for blank and blank thinking
r.e.b.t.: goal is to reach both
premise of r.e.b.t: we learn __ beliefs in childhood but ...early indoctrinated irrational thoughts
three flaws in thinking(r.e.b.t)
r.e.b.t: abc model
method of r.e.b.tc.r.
method of restructuring changing self talk (mis)
according to r.e.b.t who is responsible for clients personality problems?
r.e.b.t emphasizes the blank and blank experiencesh&n
r.e.b.t. works to eliminate what kind of thinking?
r.e.b. practitioners unconditionally accept all clients and teach them to ...
rebt: the thereputic relationship should be...
c.b.t focuses on changing blank assumptions and teaching blank
c.b.t. is blank centered and blank oriented
c.b.t. focuses on understanding how clients
c.b.m encourages clients to recognize how they think, feel and behave as well as the impact
self instructional training makes clients aware ofCBM
the goals of c.b.m. are to start what and learn what
response substitution
clasically condition and incompatible response
systematic errors in thinkingct

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