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Name of God in Islam
Full body cloak worn by some Muslim women
Umayyad or Abassid
An Arabic word meaning proselytizing or preaching of Islam
Festival marking the end of Ramadan
An Islamic edict or decree
Angel sent by God to Muhammad
Holy pilgrimage to Mecca
Worship leader of a mosque
An Arabic word meaning 'struggle'
Located in Mecca, this is one of the holiest sites in Islam
Country in the Middle East that is roughly 60% Muslim
Person responsible for the call to prayer
African-American Muslim movement: _______ of Islam
Companion of the Prophet Muhammad; also a popular male name in the Muslim world
Phrase said upon saying or hearing the name of one of the prophets
The Islamic holy text
Month of fasting for Muslims
Islamic mysticism
The first pillar of Islam, affirmation of the oneness of God
The global community of all Muslim believers
A niqab is a type of this for women
An ultraconservative, fundamentalist movement in Islam
Region in China with a high population of Muslims
Kurdish religious group with elements of Islam and Zoroastrianism
Almsgiving; one of the pillars of Islam

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