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Can you answer the American history questions whose answers all begin with 'D'?

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Which political party includes Andrew Jackson and Franklin D. Roosevelt?
What city was home of the American auto industry throughout the 20th century?
Who was the first and only president of the Confederate States of America?
What was the code name for the offensive against Iraq by the U.S. and its allies in 1991?
What was the nickname for an American soldier who served in Europe during WWI?
Who was the Republican candidate for president in 1944 and 1948?
Who was John Scopes' defense attorney in the 1925 'Monkey Trial'?
What plaza in Dallas, Texas, was the site of President Kennedy's assassination?
Which staunch advocate against communism served as Secretary of State under President Eisenhower?
Which Massachusetts governor ran for president in 1988?
Which escaped slave, known for his oratory and writing, became a leader in the abolitionist movement?
What term was given to an American who opposed U.S. involvement in the Vietnam War?
What document, written by Thomas Jefferson, justified the American Revolution to King George III?
Which blacksmith invented the steel plow in 1839?
Which company established and governed New Netherlands from 1624 until 1664?
What period of storms and drought greatly damaged the agriculture of American prairies during the 1930s?
What book was published in 1835 by Alexis de Tocqueville following his visit to the U.S.?
Which African-American intellectual co-founded the NAACP in 1909 and authored 'The Souls of Black Folk'?
What French word for relaxation of tensions described U.S.-Soviet relations during the 1970s?
Which activist created the first generation of mental asylums in the United States?

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