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Rest., Cardiovasc., Genitouri., and Female Repro. Terms

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Retention of excessive amounts of nitrogenous compounds in the blood; uremia
Sensation that the heart is not beating normally
Occurrence of pain during sexual intercourse
Local and temporary deficiency of blood supply due to circulatory obstruction
A measurement of breathing or lung volumes
Listening for sounds within the body using a stethoscope
Blood clot that obstructs a vessel
To urinate or void
Any disease or weakening of the heart muscle that diminishes cardiac function
Area of tissue that undergoes necrosis following cessation of blood supply
Narrowing of a vessel, especially the aorta
Period of 42 days after childbirth, during which the reproductive organs usually return to normal
Deficiency of oxygen in tissues
Inflammation of the pleural membrane that causes pain and increased by coughing or deep breathing
Mass of undissolved matter circulating in blood or lymphatic channels until it becomes lodged in a vessel
Inability of the heart to maintain a normal rhythm
Involuntary discharge of urine; incontinence
Painful of difficult urination
Deficiency of oxygen in blood
Congenital absence closure of a normal body opening
Diminished capacity to form and pass urine, resulting from inefficient excretion of the end products of metabolism
Soft blowing sound hear on auscultation, possibly duet vibrations associated with the movement of blood, valvular action, or both; murmur

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