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Rumbling or gurgling noises that are audible at a distance and caused by passage of gas through the liquid contents of the intestine
Loss of voluntary motion in one or more muscle groups with or without loss of sensation
Muscular injury
Abnormal accumulation of fluid in the abdomen
Sensation of numbness, prickling, tingling, or heightened sensitivity
Bony outgrowth, bone spur
Involuntary contraction of twitching of muscle fibers, visible under skin
Temporary loss of consciousness due to the sudden decline oxblood flow to the brain
Spasm in any hollow or tour soft organ accompanied by pain
Tearing of ligament tissue
Passage of dark-colored, tarry stools, due to the presence of blood altered by intestinal juices
Vomiting of blood
Fibrosis of connective tissue in the skin, fascia, muscle or joint capsule that prevents normal mobility of the related tissue or joint
Any Sudden and violent contraction of one ore more muscles
Physical wasting that includes loss of weight and muscle mass
Progressive, wavelike movements that occur involuntary in hollow tubes of the body, especially the GI tract
Lameness, limping
Passage of fat in the feces due to failure to digest and absorb it
Partial or incomplete dislocation
Broad term that refers to cognitive deficit, including memory impairment
Sever Constipation
Dry, grating sound or sensation caused by bone ends rubbing together from fracture or joint destruction
Paralysis, usually partial, and commonly characterized by weakness and shaking uncontrolled tremor
Expulsion of gas in the GI track from a body orifice, especially the anus
Loss of muscular tone or a diminished resistance to passive stretching
Effusion of blood into a joint or cavity

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