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Endocrine, Special Sense, Integumentary, BLI Terms

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Localized accumulation of blood, usually clotted, in an organ, space or tissue due to a break in or severing of a blood vessel
Excessive distribution of body hair, especially in women
Minute, pinpoint hemorrhages under the skin
Diffuse, acute infection of the skin and subcutaneous tissue
Infection of the skin caused by fungi
Removal of necrotized tissue from a wound by mechanical means
Yellowish-brown pigmentary skin discoloration
Masculinization in a woman or development of male secondary sex characteristics in woman
Unusual intolerance and sensitivity to light
Intense Itching
Increased formation and secretion of urine
Masculine or having characteristics of a man
Abnormal increase in the volume of circulating fluid (plasma) in the body
Abnormal hard spots
Blood test that measures the amount of antibodies in blood, indicator of immune status
Unnatural paleness or absence of color in the skin
Serious, life-threatening bloodstream infection that my arise from other infections throughout the body
Hallucination of movement, or a feeling of spinning or dizziness
Epidermal growth caused by a virus; warts
Damaged tissue following a severe burn
Destruction of red blood cells with a release of hemoglobin that diffuses into the surrounding fluid
Area within which objects may be seen when the eye is in a fixed position
Arrest of bleeding or circulation
Small brown flat lesions, especially on the face and arms, brought on by sun exposure; mole
Localized collection of pus at the site of an infection
Scattered or distributed over considerable area; scattered throughout an organ or body
Pertaining to a tonsil
Blue-black, greenish-brown/yellow skin discolorations caused from escaped blood into the tissues; bruise
Involuntary eye movements that appear jerky and my reduce vision
Removal of the eyeball from the orbit
Scraping away of the skin by mechanical process or injury
Localized loss of skin pigmentation characterized by milk-white patches
Perception of ringing, hissing, or other sounds int he ears or head when no external sound is present
Redness of the skin caused by swelling of the capillaries
Allergic reaction of the skin characterized by the eruption of pale red, elevated patches called hives or wheals
State of being protected against infectious disease
Medial moment of the two eyeballs so that they are both directed a the object being viewed
Partial or complete loss of hair
Thickened area of the epidermis or any horny growth on the skin (callous/wart)

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