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What record label released 'Love Me Do' in the U.K.?
What was the first single the Beatles released in the U.S. to have a George lead vocal?
Which Capitol Beatles album was recalled immediately after its release because of its controversial cover?
In 'She's Leaving Home', what can't money buy?
The music from which song reappears later in 'Carry that Weight'?
In what song does George ask to be left alone?
What words does John sing all throughout the beginning of 'Come Together'?
In 'Get Back', what did Jo Jo leave his home for?
What two songs on 'Magical Mystery Tour' are about streets?
What song on 'Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band' is followed by laughter?
In what state does 'Rocky Raccoon' live?
What is the last song on the album 'A Hard Day's Night'?
What famous poet is mentioned in 'I Am the Walrus'?
What was the only song credited to all four Beatles?
What song has two different takes in it which are in different keys and tempos?

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