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Can you name the answers to these questions about the history of the Beatles?

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What is Ringo's legal name?
What British record company auditioned the Beatles on New Years Day of 1962?
Which British newspaper came up with the term 'Beatlemania'?
What was the occupation of Paul's mother?
Who was the last Beatle to get married?
Who told Pete Best that he was being kicked out of the band?
Who did the Beatles get to play drums right before heading to Germany in August of 1960?
What record company executive agreed to give them a recording session on June 6, 1962?
Who was the first Beatle to get divorced?
What was the name of John's band from 1957 to early 1960?
What medical condition did Ringo have when he was six?
With what spiritual leader did they study transcendental meditation?
Where did the last photo session take place?
Who bought Ringo his first drum set?
Who was the first Beatle to temporarily quit the band in 1968?

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