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Name the people inducted into the Hall of Famous Missourians in the Missouri State Capitol in Jefferson City, MO.

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Claim to FameNameYear Inducted
Humorist, author of A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur's Court1982
Botanist, peanut farmer, notable freed slave1983
Educator, innovator of kindergarten movement in the US1983
Regionalist painter and sculptor1985
US Vice President, US Senator, Acting US President for 1 day1991
33rd President of the United States1991
WWII General, 1st Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff1981
Ragtime composer and pianist1992
Film, animation, and media mogul and futurist1993
Author, wrote coming-of-age series set on the Great Plains1993
Trail guide and interpreter, member of Lewis & Clark Expedition1993
Retailer, founder of large department store chain bearing his name1994
Saxophonist, jazz composer1994
Cabaret performance star, spy for the French Resistance, human rights activist1995
Founder of Hallmark Cards1995
WWI General, one of the few to attain rank of 'Generals of the Armies'1995
Circus performer, 'the Hobo Clown'1996
Theologian (20th century)1996
Founder of the Kansas City Royals, pharmaceutical executive1997
Television news anchor, 'The Most Trusted Man in America'1999
Saddle horse trainer1999
Speaker of the US House of Representatives (1911-1919)1999
Legendary outfielder, batter, and general manager for the St. Louis Cardinals; 'The Man'2000
Claim to FameNameYear Inducted
Astronomer, telescope namesake2003
TV personality on Mutual of Omaha's 'Wild Kingdom'; director of the St. Louis Zoo2004
Voice of the St. Louis Cardinals, radio personality and sportscaster2006
US Attorney General under George W. Bush; US Senator; Governor of Missouri2006
Author and self-help pioneer. Wrote 'How to Win Friends and Influence People'2006
Catholic missionary. Founded first free school west of the Mississippi. Saint.2006
TV personality. Host of 'The Price is Right'2007
Founder of the American Football League, owner of the Kansas City Chiefs2008
Founder of William Jewell College, refused to execute Joseph Smith2008
Famed movie actress, highest paid female actor in the 1940s, iconic 'pin-up girl' during WWII2009
Noted dancer, Academy Award-winning actress, dance partner of Fred Astaire2009
Author, poet, professor of literature. Wrote 'A Cycle of the West'2009
Painter of the American West, 'The Missouri Artist'2010
Defense contractor and aviation executive. His company built the first US spacecraft.2010
46th governor of Missouri2010
First baseman for the Kansas City Monarchs in the Negro League, first African American coach in integrated Major League Baseball2012
Plaintiff in US Supreme Court case denying African Americans the right to US citizenship2012
Right-wing talk radio personality2012
Father of osteopathic medicine and founder of first osteopathic medical school, which bears his name2014
Congressman from Missouri, anti-tax activist who pioneered constitutional limits to taxation2014
First president of the Woman Suffrage Association of Missouri2014
Financial services executive. Founded a large financial advising firm bearing his name.2015
Science fiction author of 'Stranger in a Strange Land' and 'Starship Troopers'2016

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