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four why?s
Looked at search time/copulation time relationship in dungflies, shows marginal value theorem
Developer of marginal value theorem
Another example of marginal value on birds trained to come for mealworms
Showed 'partial preference' in great tits, food on conveyor belt
Example of learning affecting foraging behaviour, by observing how many holes a bird tests to figure out wether a food source is worth it
Example of risk sensitivity in foraging, with birds and a variable food supply at different temperatures
Example of trade off between feeding and looking for predators (vigilance)
Example of habitat choice due to predation risk
Ideal free theory
Competitive unit model
Test of the benefits of territoriality on golden-winged sunbirds
model of ^
Model of behaviour of shared territories
Study of M:F mortality rates in different countries at different ages
Sexual selection
Experiment showing how natural and sexual selection act in different ways, because fish are briighter in streams with less predators
Differences in parental investment lead to male:male competition and female pickiness
Test of this, where gender roles revrsed
Species studied in ^

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