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Can you name the name the tv show by characters ?

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CharactersTV showother characters
Will Truman, Grace Adler, Karen WalkerJack McFarland and Rosario
Jethro Gibbs, Anthony DiNozzo, Ziva DavidAbby Sciuto and Timothy McGee
Ted Mosby, Marshall Erickson, Barney StinsonLily Aldrin and Robin Scherbatsky
Patrick Jane, Teresa Lisbon, Grace van PeltKimball Cho, Wayne Rigsby
G. Callen, Kensi Blye, HettySam Hanna and Eric Beale
Cameron Tucker, Gloria, Jay PritchettPhil Dunphy and Claire Dunphy
Frankie Heck and Sue HeckMike Heck and Brick
Rachel Berry, Quinn Fabray, Mercedes JonesArtie Abrams, Santana Lopez, Finn Hudson, Sue
Adrian Monk and Natalie TeegerLeland Stottlemeyer
Derek Morgan, Spencer Reid, Emily PrentissAaron Hotchner and Penelope Garcia
Liz Lemon, Jack Donaghy, Pete HornbergerKenneth Parcell and Tracy Morgan
Jess, Nick, ScmidtWinston and CeCe

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