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Capitol of Peru
Long car used for special occasions
Sour green fruit, almost like a lemon
A person who cannot talk but acts out what he wants to say
Place where coal is excavated; what your significant other is to you
A lion has one
Soul___. (One word)
Your favorite subject, Maggie
A beaten way, trodden by the feet of persons or animals
Rhymes with 'hash'; means a brief infatuation
Elegent or stylishly luxurious; ___ spice.
Winnie The ___
Something girls don't do. However, Maddie can speed do this.
Something chickens are kept in
Abbreviation for computer
The opposite of going away
A small sheltered bay; a ' treasure ___'
That strong feeling you and Daniel have for each other
'The ___ Ranger'
Prone without the 'R'
Where fish can be found
A Russian weight equal to 36 lbs avoirdupois. Or the past tense of 'poo'
To poke or stir
Will you go to ___ with me??
Your answer ____ or ___ (hint: YES!

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