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Can you name the Colleges with Active Chapters of Lambda Chi Alpha?

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State of CollegeCollegeZeta
New YorkOmicron
Rhode IslandEta
South DakotaAlpha Gamma
IllinoisAlpha Iota
OregonAlpha Lambda
AlabamaAlpha Phi
MissouriAlpha Delta
ColoradoAlpha Pi
IndianaAlpha Omicron
TexasAlpha Mu
IowaAlpha Tau
OklahomaAlpha Eta
New YorkAlpha Upsilon
New HampshireAlpha Xi
VirginiaAlpha Chi
OhioAlpha Omega
IndianaAlpha Kappa
WashingtonAlpha Psi
OhioGamma Alpha
OhioGamma Gamma
OhioGamma Iota
TexasGamma Sigma
VirginiaGamma Phi
TennesseeGamma Delta
MichiganGamma Omicron
OhioGamma Tau
North CarolinaGamma Upsilon
KansasGamma Xi
ArkansasGamma Chi
MissouriGamma Kappa
North CarolinaGamma Nu
OklahomaGamma Rho
PennsylvaniaGamma Psi
VirginiaEpsilon Alpha
IdahoEpsilon Gamma
Ontario, CanadaEpsilon Epsilon
North DakotaEpsilon Zeta
CaliforniaEpsilon Sigma
MarylandEpsilon Pi
FloridaEpsilon Mu
New YorkEpsilon Eta
OklahomaEpsilon Upsilon
FloridaEpsilon Xi
MississippiEpsilon Chi
FloridaEpsilon Omega
PennsylvaniaEpsilon Kappa
MissouriEpsilon Nu
Alberta, CanadaEpsilon Rho
South CarolinaEpsilon Psi
State of CollegeCollegeZeta
IowaZeta Alpha
New MexicoZeta Gamma
TexasZeta Epsilon
KansasZeta Iota
KentuckyZeta Sigma
TennesseeZeta Phi
CaliforniaZeta Delta
OregonZeta Omicron
FloridaZeta Tau
TennesseeZeta Theta
OhioZeta Upsilon
GeorgiaZeta Omega
ArizonaZeta Psi
IndianaIota Alpha
IndianaIota Epsilon
TexasIota Zeta
West VirginiaIota Lambda
PennsylvaniaIota Beta
IndianaIota Sigma
NebraskaIota Delta
TexasIota Pi
IndianaIota Mu
ArkansasIota Theta
IowaIota Chi
LouisianaIota Omega
TennesseeIota Nu
MichiganIota Psi
LouisianaLambda Alpha
MichiganLambda Epsilon
TennesseeLambda Zeta
KentuckyLambda Lambda
DelawareLambda Beta
MinnesotaLambda Delta
MissouriLambda Pi
MichiganLambda Tau
KentuckyLambda Eta
KansasLambda Chi
TexasBeta Alpha
TexasBeta Epsilon
North CarolinaBeta Zeta
PennsylvaniaBeta Iota
PennsylvaniaBeta Delta
North CarolinaBeta Upsilon
PennsylvaniaBeta Xi
FloridaBeta Nu
CaliforniaBeta Rho
MissouriBeta Psi
PennsylvaniaSigma Gamma
AlabamaSigma Epsilon
VirginiaSigma Iota
VirginiaSigma Lambda
TexasSigma Beta
FloridaSigma Phi
TexasSigma Mu
AlabamaSigma Tau
North CarolinSigma Theta
AlabamaSigma Chi
ColoradoSigma Omega
TexasSigma Psi
IllinoisPhi Alpha
West VirginiaPhi Iota
PennsylvaniaPhi Lambda
State of CollegeCollegeZeta
KentuckyPhi Beta
CaliforniaPhi Sigma
MichiganPhi Phi
MarylandPhi Delta
OhioPhi Mu
PennsylvaniaPhi Tau
VirginiaPhi Eta
North CarolinaPhi Theta
TexasPhi Upsilon
IndianaPhi Xi
CaliforniaPhi Chi
MarylandPhi Omega
AlabamaPhi Kappa
TexasPhi Rho
MissouriPhi Psi
CaliforniaDelta Gamma
NevadaDelta Lambda
OklahomaDelta Beta
North CarolinaDelta Sigma
MissouriDelta Phi
AlabamaDelta Delta
North CarolinaDelta Pi
South CarolinaDelta Omicron
PennsylvaniaDelta Tau
Ontario, CanadaDelta Eta
Washington D.C.Delta Xi
ColoradoDelta Omega
CaliforniaDelta Kappa
WyomingDelta Rho
CaliforniaDelta Psi
South CarolinaPi Alpha
OhioPi Gamma
OhioPi Delta
TexasPi Epsilon
IllinoisPi Zeta
MissouriPi Lambda
CaliforniaPi Beta
OklahomaPi Sigma
FloridaPi Phi
IllinoisPi Pi
VirginiaPi Tau
South DakotaPi Mu
AlabamaTheta Alpha
IndianaTheta Zeta
IowaTheta Lambda
MissouriTheta Sigma
OklahomaTheta Delta
PennsylvaniaTheta Pi
North CarolinaTheta Tau
MississippiTheta Eta
New YorkTheta Upsilon
IllinoisTheta Chi
IndianaTheta Kappa
OhioKappa Alpha
IndianaKappa Gamma
OhioKappa Phi
MissouriKappa Mu
IllinoisKappa Upsilon
KentuckyKappa Omega
FloridaTheta Gamma
OhioNu Zeta

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