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Can you name the X Men Characters?

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FilmCharacterReal Name
X MenCharles Xavier
X MenErik Lehnsherr
X MenJames Howlett
X MenScott Summers
X MenJean Grey
X MenOroro Munroe
X MenMarie D'Ancanto
X MenRaven Darkholme
X MenVictor Creed
X MenMortimer Toynbee
X MenBobby Drake
X MenJohn Allerdyce
X MenKitty Pryde
X MenJubilation Lee
X Men 2Kurt Wagner
X Men 2Yuriko Oyama
X Men 2Jason Stryker
X Men 2Piotr Rasputin
X Men 2Theresa Cassidy
X Men 2Douglas Ramsey
X Men 2Hank McCoy
X Men: The Last StandWarren Worthington III
X Men: The Last StandCain Marko
X Men: The Last StandJamie Madrox
FilmCharacterReal Name
X Men: The Last StandUnknown
X Men: The Last StandPhilippa Sontag
X Men: The Last StandUnknown
X Men: The Last StandJimmy
X Men Origins: WolverineWade Wilson
X Men Origins: WolverineRemy LeBeau
X Men Origins: WolverineJohn Wraith
X Men Origins: WolverineFred Dukes
X Men Origins: WolverineChris Bradley
X Men: First ClassSean Cassidy
X Men: First ClassAlex Summers
X Men: First ClassAngel Salvadore
X Men: First ClassArmando Munoz
X Men: First ClassActual Name
X Men: First ClassJanos Quested
The WolverineYashida
The WolverineDr Green
X Men: Days of Future PastClarke Ferguson
X Men: Days of Future PastJames Proudstar
X Men: Days of Future PastRoberto Da Costa
X Men: Days of Future PastPeter Maximoff
X Men: Days of Future PastEn Sabah Nur
DeadpoolEllie Phimister
DeadpoolFrancis Freeman

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