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QUIZ: Can you name the harry Potter words and names?

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Her father is the editor of The Quibbler.
Ireland brought these to the Quidditch World Cup as mascots.
Opposite of Occlumency
Spell Causing Victim to Hang Upside Down by the Ankles
Incatation for the Leg-Locker Curse
Opposite of Nox
Horcrux Orginally Owned by Slytherin
Harry's Second DADA Professor (last name)
Town in Which the Dursleys Live
Village in Which the Riddles Lived
Draco's Father (first name)
Harry's Third DADA Professor (last name)
Head of the Department of Magical Games and Sports (first name)
The Weasley Twins' Best Friend (first name)
Bellatrix or Rodolphus
Pub and Entrance to Diagon Alley

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