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Howarts Champion From Hufflepuff (last name)
The Only One Lord Voldemort Ever Feared (last name)
Popular Wizarding Newspaper
House-Elf Freed By Harry
The Capital Punishment in the Wizard World; Worse Than Death
Harry's Cousin
Order Member Who Wrote His Friend's Obituary (last name)
She marries Bill. (last name)
Lord Voldemort's Followers
Secret Club That Met in the Room of Requirement
Seamus' Best Friend (first name)
They guard Azkaban.
The Hogwarts High Inquisitor (first name)
Viktor's Alma Mater
Albus' Predecessor as Headmaster (last name)
Each champion had to face one of these in the first task.
Order Member Who Owns a Shouting Pocket Watch
Chaser On and Captain of the Ravenclaw Quidditch Team (last name)
He marries Astoria Greengrass. (first name)
Popular (and Smelly) Joke Shop Item
Harry's Favorite Subject
Potion Causing Death-Like Slumber
This branded on the left arms of Lord Voldemort's followers.
Resposible for Killing Remus Lupin (last name)
Mr. Lovegood asks that you please keep off these.
Class Taught by Professor Trelawney

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