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Class Taught by Professor Sinistra
Class Taught by Professor Vector
After all this time?
'The only one he ever feared' (first name)
Death Eater/Muggle Studies Professor (first name)
Ron's Dad (first name)
Hufflepuff Student Who Married Neville (last name)
Auror Kept in a Trunk for Nine Months (first name)
Prison Guarded by Dementors
Owner of the Hog's Head (first name)
Professor Dumbledore's Late Sister (first name)
Death Eater Who Killed Remus Lupin (first name)
Ravenclaw Prefect (first name)
Death Eater/Dark Arts Professor (first name)
Witch or Wizard With the Ability to Transform Into an Animal At Will
Charm For Unlocking Doors
Gryffindor Chaser (first name)
Gryffindor Chaser (first name)
Summoning Charm
Dark Wizard Catcher
Killing Curse
Hagrid Pet Arachnid
Squib Residing in Little Winging (first name)
Hogwarts Caretaker (first name)
Draco's Wife (first name)
Preceded Dumbledore as Headmaster (First Name)
Head of the Department of Magical Law Enforcement (first name)
Giant Spiders Living in the Forbidden Forest

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