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Can you name the famous Genes (or Eugenes)?

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Academy Award winning dancer who loved singin' in the rain
Sci- fi screenwriter who gave birth to the Star Trek series
Lead vocalist and bassist for the heavy metal band KISS
Comedic actor best known for his roles in Young Frankenstein, Silver Streak and Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory
Professional wrestling interviewer who worked for the WWF from 1984- 1993
First openly gay man to be ordained a bishop in the United States Episcopal Church
TV Personality best known for hosting The Match Game
Former wide reciever for the Minnesota Vikings
Roger ****'s partner in crime from 1986- 1999
Rock musician best known as the vocalist and frontman for Adam Again
Prolific American film actor whose film credits include Bonnie & Clyde, The French Connection and Unforgiven
NASA flight director whose autobiography was entitled 'Failure is Not an Option'
Canadian actor well known for his role as Jim's dad from the American Pie series
American TV and radio personality also known as The Singing Cowboy

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