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Can you name the Can you name the Scrubs character with their quote?

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'Are my new boxer's made of wool? Cause my weasel's gettin heat stroke.'
'Boing fwip!'
'Oh you're deaf too? What are the odds? Wait, I'm a doctor, I should know that.'
'Sex is for 2 things: making babies and revenge.'
'I can feel Little J.D. five?'
'Aww that's adorable, you have a crush on yourself. I'd be careful, the guy you're in love with is a douche'
'I never want to have kids. I just want to adopt a short old guy.'
'Oh you don't care if you ever have sex again, do you?'
'If you ever get this close again, I will end you.'
'You are what you eat. And you clearly went out and devoured a big fat guy, didn't ya?'
'I'm not really proud of this, but I can pick your puff'n'stuff out of a lineup.'
[to himself] 'I wish just once people would call me Donald.'

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