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Can you name the people, places, and Songs from Rocky Horror Picture Show?

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Forced Order
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Who was the only actor/actress from the original play that was also in the movie?
What was Rocky's creator's name?
What is the first step in the dance 'Time Warp'?
What planet are the 'aliens' from?
What is the butler's name?
What was the butler's sister's name?
Fill in the blank: There's a light, over at the _________ place.
What letters are shown above the radio tower behind the pool?
What was in the table at supper time when the tablecloth was pulled off?
What is the tagline for the movie?
Who do the Rocky Horror lips belong to? (character name)
Fill in the blank: Dammit ________
Fill in the blank: When Eddie said he didn't like his teddy, you knew he was a no good kid. but when he threatened your life with a ______ (two words)
Fill in the blank: At the late night, _______ , picture show. (two words)
Janet has sex twice in the movie. With whom?
When they are walking towards the castle, what is Janet holding over her head?
What does it say on the back of Eddie's jacket?
In which month does this movie take place?
What was the bride's name from the wedding scene in the beginning of the movie?
What color socks does Columbia wear during the 'Time Warp'?

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