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Which co-founder of the Jesuit Order pioneered the spread of Catholicism in east Asia?
Which city was the summer capital of Kublai Khan's Yuan dynasty in China?
Who was the first Greek philosopher to claim to be writing explicitly for future generations?
The earliest evidence of which percussion instrument is in southeast Asia during the 9th century?
Which Microsoft game console was released in 2002 to compete with Sony's PlayStation 2?
Which Persian king succeeded Darius the Great upon his death in 486 BC?
The name of which pre-Columbian Mexican city can be translated as 'in the house of flowers?'
Which Chinese press agency, founded in 1931, began broadcasting overseas in English in 1944?
Which 1911 revolution overthrew the Qing, China's last imperial dynasty?
Which Greek philosopher is known for his descriptions of life in ancient Greece and Persia?
Which Greek woman, wife of Socrates, had a name meaning 'blonde horse?'
The inaugural games of which action sports event were held in Rhode Island in 1995?
Which Chinese city was known as Chang'an before the Ming dynasty?
What did Wilhelm Röntgen discover on November 8th 1895?
Four of which small sailing vessel were launched by the French Navy in 1750?
Which 1798 diplomatic episode lead to the Quasi War between France and the USA?
Which South African people lost most of their land in the Cape Frontier Wars of 1779-1879?
Which TV talent show, launched in the UK in 2005, has had 65 winners worldwide?
Who was the god of death in Aztec mythology?
Which corporation was founded in 1906 as the Haloid Photographic Company?

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