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Can you name the words that begin with 'e' directly followed by each letter of the alphabet?

Updated Mar 29, 2013

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Secretly listen to a conversationea
A hard, heavy, deep black woodeb
A South American countryec
A change to the text of a documented
Strange, weird, fear-inspiring℮℮
A crude sculpture or model of a personef
An alternate name for an aubergineeg
An online dating websiteeh
Nine squaredei
To disconnect removable media, e.g. DVDej
Study of human settlementsek
A magical or medicinal potionel
Offspring in the process of developmentem
To make an effort to do somethingen
In astronomy, it's one billion yearseo
A person pursuing pleasure, especially in reference to food or comfortep
Relating to a horse or horseseq
To remove in entiretyer
To flee from confinementes
Lasting forever; unendinget
Used to portray excitement of discoveryeu
Transition from a liquid into a gasev
Trainspotting actor McGregorew
An instance serving for illustrationex
A person able to give a firsthand accountey
The 15th book of the King James Bibleez

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