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Quiz Updated Jul 25, 2013

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Which Native American chief defeated George Custer at the Battle of the Little Bighorn?
Which short 1967 war resulted in a swift and decisive Israeli victory?
What name is given to the historical network of trade routes linking Europe with Eastern Asia?
Which Georgian led the Soviet Union during WWII?
On which island did Napoleon die in exile in 1821?
Which British poet was known as 'The Bard of Avon?'
Which canal, known as 'The Highway to India,' opened in 1869 after ten years of construction?
What is the term for the military nobility of pre-industrial Japan?
Which Balkan city was besieged from 1992-96, the longest siege in modern warfare?
Who defeated the Crusaders at the Battle of Hattin, a turning point in the Crusades?
In which Massachusetts town were over 150 people imprisoned for witchcraft in 1692?
Which World Heritage Site lies in the most dense complex of Neolithic monuments in England?
As what was Ho Chi Minh city known until 1976?
Which Russian city was known as Leningrad from 1924-91?
A limestone statue of which mythical creature lies on the Giza Plateau?
What was Thailand known as until 1939, and again from 1945-49?
Which great fleet threatened to invade England in 1588?
Which Greek philosopher was sentenced to death by drinking hemlock?
The opening day of which 1916 battle saw nearly 60,000 British casualties?
Which former gladiator led around 70,000 slaves in the Third Servile War?

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