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Forced Order
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The assassin in the Hitman series of video games.
Infamous room from '1984.'
The number of doubly-landlocked countries.
The year the Roman conquest of Britain began.
The number of syllables in a haiku.
Herbie's racing number.
The normal human body temperature in degrees Celsius.
The approximate length, in days, of a lunar month.
The number of wonders of the ancient world.
The number of players on a soccer team.
The number of DNA bases that code for an amino acid.
The number of original US colonies.
The number of throws in Kodokan Judo.
Impossible score in a hand of cribbage.
'___ Hours,' a 2010 film.
The number of pillars of Islam.
The year South Sudan seceded from Sudan.
'Highway ___ Revisited,' a Bob Dylan album.
You'd dial this in an emergency in the US.
Human sex cells have this many chromosomes.
The atomic number of gold.
The year Queen Mary I began her reign.

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