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QUIZ: Can you name the five-letter words that fit the pattern _o_e_ (as in 'money')?

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An entrance hall
A clay figure brought to life by magic
Kate Moss or Naomi Campbell
Of Babel or London
A group of witches
A small, unpleasant dwelling
A pugilist or a dog breed
David Bowie's real surname
A particular edible fungus
Author of the Iliad and the Odyssey
Made by bees
Hitchhiker's Guide essential
Not drunk
Type of ancient manuscript
One of the seven dwarfs
12, or 13 if you're a baker
Defunct British car manufacturer
A hundredth of a Ruble
The Eagles visited a Californian one
James Bond actor Moore
A traditional Alpine form of song
A low power motorcycle
What a new, interesting idea is
Might be Halley's or Hale Bopp
With it comes responsibility
French impressionist painter Claude
Not a consonant
A Montague who loved a Capulet
One with no hope of survival

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