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Can you name the 'J' themed answers to these historical questions?

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Which month of the year is named after the Roman god of gates, doorways and transitions?
Which French saint was burnt at the stake in 1431, aged 19?
Which pop 'royal' died on June 25th 2009?
Which geologic period lasted from the end of the Triassic to the beginning of the Cretaceous?
Which mysterious figure killed five prostitutes in Whitechapel in 1888?
What name was given to a person dedicated to the restoration of Stuart kings to British thrones?
Who ascended the throne of England and Scotland after the death of Elizabeth I?
The old walled part of which city is divided into Armenian, Christian, Jewish and Muslim quarters?
A 1755 dictionary by which man was viewed as the eminent English dictionary for 150 years?
Which African city was named after two officials of the Zuid-Afrikaansche Republiek?
Which WWI battle off the coast of Denmark was the largest naval battle of the war?
Which MediƦval sport was discontinued in France following the death of Henry II?
Who was the first pope to use two names for his regnal name?
Which US President oversaw the Louisiana Purchase?
Which Irish author wrote Ulysses in 1922?
Who was the Roman goddess of marriage?
Which Byzantine emperor is known for the Corpus Juris Civilis, a code of civil law?
Which scientist discovered a vaccination for smallpox in 1796, after observing milkmaids?
Which Middle-Eastern city is the earliest known walled city?
Which calendar was superseded by the Gregorian calendar due to an error regarding leap years?

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