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Can you name the 'I' themed answers to these historical questions?

Quiz Updated Jul 25, 2013

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Who was the Egyptian goddess of motherhood, magic and fertility?
Which native American people fought the French in the Beaver Wars?
Which city was formerly known as Constantinople?
Which country was known as Persia until 1933?
Which Latin American empire referred to themselves as Tawantinsuyu, 'four parts together?'
Who was the first person to be crowned Tsar of All Russia in 1547?
A battle on which Japanese island was immortalised by an image of the US flag being raised?
Which German military decoration was first awarded in 1813?
Which institution, begun in the 12th century, introduced torture in the persecution of heresy?
Barack Obama was a senator for which US State from 2005-2008?
Which international organisation, formed in 1923, is based in Lyons?
Which country lost around 20% of its population to potato famine in the 1840s?
Which company's chairman allegedly said 'I think there is a world market for five computers?'
Which epic Greek poem tells the story of the siege of Troy?
Of which country was Albert Einstein offered presidency?
Which 19th century art movement derives its name from an 1872 Claude Monet work?
In Greek mythology, who died after flying too close to the sun?
Which order of classical architecture originated in the 6th century BC in southwestern Asia Minor?
The first complete fossil of which aquatic reptile was discovered in 1811 by Mary Anning?
Which peninsula was contested during the Peninsular War?

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