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Can you name the anagrammed historical figures, speculatively or whimsically clued for in each sentence?

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Hint SentenceHistorical Figure
Prior to his presidency, this general moved troops to Valley Forge – because when there's a WAR ON, HE GETS GOING.
“DO ASTONISH ME,” a crowd member said to the Wizard of Menlo Park, who then revealed the phonograph.
''I'LL MAKE A WISE PHRASE'' he said, whilst writing one of his many Elizabethan-era plays.
''He TRIES A LOT, at least,'' said Plato of this student of his, who would go on to propogate formal logic.
His CASUAL JURIES eventually took action, “applying” their death verdict on the Ides of March.
He went for A COOL ROMP along the Silk Road and may have met Kublai Khan.
After winning his Nobel Prize in 1923, this Irish poet’s wife might have urged him: ''SIT; WRITE ME A LULLABY that I can sing to the children.”
Told that his play 'The Importance of Being Earnest' was well-woven, he shrugged and said, ''I LACE WORDS.''
Those he conquered may have called him the EXTRA-HATED GENERAL after his invasion of Persia in 334 BC.
This anti-apartheid activist was LEAN AND SOLEMN after his release from 27 years of imprisonment.
This highly-intelligent physicist was no ordinary “egghead” - he dipped into his ELITE BRAIN NEST to come up with the Theory of Special Relativity.
An opposition campaign slogan, 'VOTE FOR LANDON, ERE ALL SINK', would not have prevented this incumbent president’s landslide victory in the 1936 U.S. election.
He wrote his famous work on evolution with a SCRAWLIER HAND than many of his peers.
Hint SentenceHistorical Figure
''A SEX 'N' DUEL DRAMA'' could describe his swashbuckling novel, 'The Three Musketeers'.
''WELL, WAIL A CLAIM!'' goaded Edward I to this Scottish leader prior to the Battle of Stirling Bridge.
“How dare she MENTION ‘EAT’,” IRATE hungry peasants might have muttered, if this French queen had actually spoken the mis-attributed words “Let them eat cake.”
Who knows if eating VINDALOO AND RICE helped this Italian artist spice up his drawing of the Vitruvian Man.
Did this 5th century 'barbarian' foe of Rome tempt fate by saying ''I TAUNT HEALTH'' before his death?
To ensure loyal soldiers would await him in France, perhaps this abdicating Emperor advised them in 1814, “NO! APPEAR NOT ON ELBA!” where he was to be exiled.
Art critics were invited to A NUDE ART DEMO to celebrate this French artist's latest exhibition, including his work 'Olympia.'
A really poor translation of his work 'Eugene Onegin' from Russian to English may account for the UNEXPLAINED SHARK, dancing with Tatyana at the ball.
In spite of his heavenly classical compositions, this Austrian was not A FAMOUS GERMAN-WALTZ GOD, though he probably could play one by ear.
Though he himself was not GAWKY, FUSE-lighting plans were clumsily executed, and the Gunpowder Plot of 1605 was foiled.
Critics of this Italian composer’s leaping melodies in 'The Four Seasons' may have called him a VAIN VIOLIN TOAD.
To those injured on the battlefields, this nurse seemed to be THE ANGEL OF RECLINING wounded Crimean War soldiers.

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