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Can you name the answers to these 24 facts relating to the number 12?

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For Your Eyes Only is the 12th film starring this secret agent.
This Liverpudlian band released 12 albums over their career.
In Christianity, this man had 12 disciples.
Only 12 humans have stepped foot here.
The duodenum, the first part of this, is about 12 inches long.
12 stars are featured on the flag of this international organisation.
Force 12 on the Beaufort wind scale is the maximum force of this phenomenon.
In this sport, the house is 12 feet in diameter.
This Nordic city hosted the 12th Summer Olympic Games.
Shakespeare's Twelfth Night is also known as this.
The Aeneid, by this Roman, is divided into two halves of 12 books.
This country is divided into 12 Federal Reserve Districts.
The average human has 12 pairs of these.
In former British currency, there were 12 pence in one of these.
In Greek mythology, this hero completed 12 labours as punishment.
This Asian country has the 12th largest population.
Twelve Tribes of Israel were led out of Egypt by this man.
In this sport, 12 strikes are required for a perfect game.
In this sci-fi TV series, a Time Lord can regenerate 12 times before dying.
There are 12 basic hues in this artistic wheel.
The 1812 Overture commemorates this man's expulsion from Russia.
Twelve is a shapeshifting character in this video game series.
This element has atomic number 12.
This spot on a football pitch is 12 yards from the goal.

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