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Can you name the 'F' themed answers to these historical questions?

Quiz Updated Jul 25, 2013

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Which King of Prussia confirmed the supremacy of Prussia after victory in the Seven Years' War?
Which fraternal organization, dating back to the 1700s, has a membership of around 6 million?
Which diarist and her family went into hiding in Amsterdam in 1942?
Which car manufacturer famously said 'Any color you want, so long as it's black?'
Which Beijing area was so called because only those with the emperor's permission could enter?
Which Russian jewellery firm, famous for its eggs, was founded in St. Petersburg in 1842?
Which British scientist discovered benzene, and invented the cage that bears his name?
Who was head of state of Spain from the end of the Civil War until his death in 1975?
Who accidentally discovered penicillin in 1928?
Which country gave Soviets 'a drink to go with the food,' in the form of a Molotov cocktail?
Which conspirator in the Gunpowder Plot was found in the cellar of Westminster Palace in 1605?
Which Roman landmark was at the heart of ancient Roman affairs, such as elections and trials?
Which political movement first became organized under Mussolini in Italy in 1919?
Which Italian city was home to the Medici, one of history's most important noble families?
Which Austrian neurologist founded the discipline of psychoanalysis?
Who was assassinated in Sarajevo in 1914, beginning WWI?
Which islands did Argentina and the UK fight over in 1982?
Who was the Norse goddess of love and beauty?
Which aircraft manufacturer dominated the civil aviation market in the 1920s-30s?
Which Italian mathematician, famous for his sequence, popularised Arabic numeral use in Europe?

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