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Can you name the words that begin with each letter of the alphabet immediately followed by 'y'?

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A religious leader in Iranian Shi’ite Islam.ay
A former name of
A nucleotide base that pairs with guanine in
A generator that produces direct current with the use of a commutator.dy
An eagle's nest.ey
Another name for a Swastika.fy
A mineral consisting of hydrated calcium
A mythological serpent-like water beast that possessed many heads.hy
The eighth month of the civil year in the Jewish calendar.iy
A romanisation system of the Cantonese language. jy
An Asian country, capital
A stringed musical instrument, popular in Ancient
One of the three gifts given to Jesus at his
The former name of Malawi.ny
A marine bivalve mollusk of the Family 'Ostreidae.'oy
Some Pharaohs of Egypt were buried in one of
An online database of user-generated reviews of local businesses in Europe.qy
Any of several species of tufted grasses of the genus Lolium.ry
A disease spread via sexual
An absolute ruler who governs without restriction.ty
A Turkic language spoken primarily in the Xinjiang Region of
A Soviet psychologist and the founder of cultural-historical psychology.vy
A US State.wy
A percussion musical instrument made of wooden slats.xy
An instrumental rock piece by the band 'Rush.'yy
A fertilized egg cell.zy

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