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Can you name the words that begin with A and end with each letter of the alphabet?

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Also try: Z.Y. to B.A.
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The first letter of the Greek Alphabet...a
To soak up liquid...b
A type of bomb, or clock...c
The name given to the symbol '&.'..d
The layer of gases surrounding the Earth...e
At a distance, especially in feeling or interest...f
A device in a car to cushion impact...g
A signature from a celebrity...h
A plea that one was not present at a crime scene...i
A Barbary Pirate and Governor of Algiers, known as Barbarossa throughout Europe...j
A recording of the reading of a novel...k
The mermaid in 'The Little Mermaid.'..l
A word with the opposite meaning to another word...m
It grows into an oak tree...n
The Greek God of the Sun...o
The Hindenberg was one of these...p
The 96th chapter of the Qu'ran...q
Used on a ship to prevent movement...r
A vegetable, can make urine smell...s
One who does not believe in a divine being(s)...t
Said to wish a fond farewell...u
An American author, first name Isaac, best known for his science fiction works...v
Fired from a bow...w
An organ attached to the small intestine...x
The attempt to turn lead into gold...y
Full or alive with activity...z

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