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Can you name the facts about these twenty famous explorers?

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Roald Amundsen
Country of birth 
First to successfully traverse this Passage 
Reached this location on 14th December 1911 
Disappeared in this ocean in 1928 
Vitus Bering
Country of birth 
Country separated from Russia by Bering Strait 
Served in this branch of Russian military 
Reportedly died of this vitamin-deficiency disease 
Jacques Cartier
Country of birth 
Country he named for Iroquois ''kanata,'' or village 
First European to map this North American river 
Sailed inland as far as Hochelaga, now this city 
Christopher Columbus
Country of birth 
Year he ''sailed the ocean blue'' 
Island he named after the Latin for Sunday 
Largest ship used on his first voyage 
James Cook
Country of birth 
Bay in Sydney where he first made landfall 
Ship that ran aground on the Great Barrier Reef 
Named these islands the Sandwich Islands 
Vasco da Gama
1460 or 1469-1524
Country of birth 
First European to reach this country by sea 
Followed route to Africa discovered by this explorer 
Largest city in this Indian state is named after him 
Francis Drake
Country of birth 
Spanish nickname meaning ''the dragon'' 
Ship used on his 1577-80 circumnavigation 
Second-in-command against this 1588 invasion 
Leif Ericson
Country of birth 
Father, founded first Norse colonies in Greenland 
Regarded as first European to land on this continent 
Spread this religion to Greenland from Norway 
David Livingstone
Country of birth 
Explorer who said ''Dr. Livingstone, I presume?'' 
First European to see this waterfall, Africa's largest 
Led an expedition along this African river 
Ferdinand Magellan
Country of birth 
Strait of Magellan is on this continent 
Ocean he named for its apparent stillness 
Died in Battle of Mactan in this country 
Fridtjof Nansen
Country of birth 
Made first crossing of this island in 1888 
Was a national champion in this winter sport 
He won this Nobel Prize in 1922 
Francisco Pizarro
c.1471 or 1476-1541
Country of birth 
Conquered this South American civilisation 
Second cousin who conquered Mexico 
Founded this South American capital in 1535 
Marco Polo
Country of birth 
Followed this ''Road'' to the Far East 
Met this Yuan-dynasty Chinese Emperor 
City served by Marco Polo Airport 
Juan Ponce de León
Country of birth 
US State he is credited with discovering 
Associated with this mythical fountain 
First Governor of this Caribbean island 
Pytheas of Massalia
c.350-c.285 BC
Country of birth 
Made first account of tides being caused by this body 
First reference to sun's presence at this time of day 
Made the first recorded voyage to this Northern sea 
Walter Raleigh
Country of birth 
US State he named for Elizabeth I 
Quested for this mythical South American city 
Executed by this monarch in 1618 
Robert Falcon Scott
Country of birth 
Ill-fated expedition name, from Latin for ''New Land'' 
Number of companions who perished with him 
Antarctic ice shelf the expedition set out from 
Ernest Shackleton
Country of birth 
Attempted to cross this continent in 1914 
Ship that became trapped in pack ice 
Made an 800-mile open-boat journey to this island 
Abel Tasman
Country of birth 
Island formerly known as Van Diemen's Land 
The Tasman Sea separates Australia from this country 
Name he gave to Australia; was used for 180 years 
Alexander von Humboldt
Country of birth 
Species of this bird named after him 
Explored the course of this South American river 
Was this President's guest when visiting the USA 

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