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Can you name the Middle-earth things beginning with the letter A?

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Description'A' Thing
The spear of Gil-galad.
The primordial spirits who existed with Ilúvatar.
Another name for Weathertop.
The Great River.
The sword that was formerly Narsil.
Morgoth's mighty fortified citadel.
The kingdom of the Witch-King.
The Sindarin name for the Sun.
A city on the shores of Lake Nenuial.
A member of the Fellowship.
A village near Bree.
Description'A' Thing
The world as a whole.
A great jewel discovered beneath Erebor.
The capital of Númenor.
The great kingdom of Men in the north of Middle-earth.
The horse ridden by Legolas and Gimli.
The daughter of Elrond.
A plant also known as kingsfoil.
The Vala concerned with rock and metal.
The Elves who refused the summons of the Valar.
The Dwarven name for the Dimrill Dale.
An orc chieftain of Moria.

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