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Can you name the words/phrases that end in each letter of the alphabet twice?

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HintWordEnds in..
The former basic monetary unit of Finland, pl...aa
The reflux or flowing back of the tide; the return of a wave toward the
1700 in Roman
An integer that is not divisible by two...dd
A brewed drink prepared from roasted seeds, often mistakenly called
Loose scales of dry dead skin shed from the scalp...ff
A Chinese game for four players, using a collection of tiles divided into five or six
A noise made when requesting silence...hh
A US State, it's capital is Honolulu...ii
One of the five pillars of Islam, signifying pilgrimage to Mecca...jj
An organisation that advocates extreme racism in its members, abbr...kk
An island consisting of a reef surrounding a lagoon...ll
An interjection implying
HintWordEnds in..
A supernatural being that has the power to grant wishes...nn
A liquid soap product for washing the hair...oo
A small computer program designed for a mobile device...pp
The Arabic word for 'truth.'..qq
A low, vibrating sound made by domestic cats and other felines...rr
Supreme delight; utter joy or
A badger's underground
A long, loose-hanging dress, commonly worn by Hawaiian women...uu
Card security code, a security feature for credit cards, abbr...vv
A system of extensively interlinked hypertext documents: a branch of the internet, abbr...ww
A house music duo from London, UK...xx
A condition in which a human male recieves an extra chromosome...yy
A style of dance music, popular especially in the 1920s, arranged for a large band...zz

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