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Can you name the facts relating to these twenty famous scientists?

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Niels Bohr
Country of birth 
Model he helped develop 
Worked on this World War II nuclear project 
Son who received the 1975 Nobel Prize in Physics 
Nicolaus Copernicus
Country of birth 
Primary field of work 
Heliocentric model placed this at universe's centre 
Attended university in this domestic city 
Marie Curie
Country of birth 
Husband's first name 
Element she first isolated in 1910 
Field of her first Nobel Prize in 1903 
Charles Darwin
Country of birth 
Ship he voyaged on 
Theory described in 'On the Origin of Species' 
Role he occupied on his five-year maritime journey 
Leonardo da Vinci
Country of birth 
City of origin 
Famous diagram showing a man with outstretched limbs 
His Mona Lisa painting is on display in this museum 
Thomas Edison
Country of birth 
Nicknamed the Wizard of here 
1877 sound-recording invention 
City home to his first power station 
Albert Einstein
Country of birth 
Year of his Nobel Prize 
What the 'c' in his equation E=mc² stands for 
Declined Presidency of this country 
Michael Faraday
Country of birth 
What a farad measures 
Eponymous closed structure he invented in 1836 
He isolated and identified this organic compound in 1825 
Alexander Fleming
Country of birth 
1922 accidental discovery 
Type of organism he was studying at the time 
Served in the Royal Army Medical Corps during this war 
Galileo Galilei
Country of birth 
1609 invention 
Discovered four moons of this planet in 1610 
Accused of heresy by this organisation in 1632 
Stephen Hawking
Country of birth 
Professor at this university 
Bestselling science book, 'A Brief History of ____' 
Calculated that this cosmic object should emit radiation 
Antoine Lavoisier
Country of birth 
Element he named in 1778 
Helped construct this system of measurement 
Executed by this method in 1794 
Gregor Mendel
Country of birth 
Science he founded 
Demonstrated inheritance in this plant 
He was a friar of this Catholic religious order 
Dmitri Mendeleev
Country of birth 
Symbol of mendelevium 
Credited with inventing this chemistry aid 
Element he predicted and called ekaboron 
Isaac Newton
Country of birth 
Subject of his three laws 
Fruit that reputedly inspired his theory of gravity 
Shares credit with Leibniz for this invention 
Alfred Nobel
Country of birth 
1867 mining invention 
Brother credited with creating Russian oil industry 
Discipline of the award given 'in memory of Alfred Nobel' 
Louis Pasteur
Country of birth 
Process he invented 
One of two diseases he created first vaccine for 
Regarded as a founder of this biological discipline 
Ivan Pavlov
Country of birth 
Eldest of this many children 
Animal he used widely in 'conditioning' experiments 
Discipline he received a Nobel Prize for in 1904 
Nikola Tesla
Country of birth 
Eponymous 1891 invention 
Made contributions to the design of this current type 
The Tesla is the SI derived unit of this 
James Watson
Country of birth 
Partnered this scientist 
Discovered the double helix structure of this molecule 
Female scientist whose data was used without permission 

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