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The Beatles
US States
Harry Potter
British Monarchs
Academy Awards
US Presidents

The Olympics



The Periodic Table
Ancient Greece

The Human Body
In which US city
was John Lennon assassinated in
Which US
state is known as the Bluegrass
Who is famous for saying ''you cannot be serious'' during a
Wimbledon final?
Who portrayed
Professor Severus Snape in the
Harry Potter movies?
Who became monarch upon the death of her father in February
Who won their first
Academy Award for Best Actor for
Which US President proposed a 'New Deal for the American People' in
What is the only city to have hosted the Olympic Games on three
Which Shakespeare play
is often called 'the Scottish Play' by
What is the name
of the café in New York that the six
friends frequent?
Which element
has the chemical symbol Fe, from
the Latin 'ferrum'?
Who was the
King of the Gods in Greek
The name of which Canadian province comes from the Latin for
'New Scotland'?
How many
chambers are there in the human
Which chess piece
is limited to diagonal moves
Which British drummer
is often referred to as 'the Fifth
What was the first state to be
readmitted to the Union following the
Civil War?
Aside from lawn tennis,
which sport appears on the
Wimbledon logo?
What is the name
of Hermione Granger's cat in the
Edward VIII's proposal to which
American socialite caused his
abdication crisis?
Who became the oldest person to win
an Oscar in any category in 2012,
aged 82?
Who was the
shortest-serving US President, in
office for only 32 days?
Which country played host to the
1956 Equestrian events due to
Australian quarantine laws?
Which Shakespeare play features the
'play-within-a-play' 'The
In which television
soap opera did Joey portray Dr.
Drake Ramoray?
Which Russian chemist is credited
with being the creator of the periodic
Which Greek philosopher was
sentenced to death by drinking
Which French explorer claimed
Canada for France in the 16th
In which organ
would one find the islets of
What is the name of the computer
that beat world champion Gary
Kasparov in 1997?

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