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Can you name the Monotremata Taxonomy- Mammalogy?

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Kingdom of Mammalia
Phylum of Mammalia
Subphylum of Mammalia
Class of Montremata
Subclass of Montremata
Taxanomic level of Montremata
Spint Anteaters- Family
Australian genus of Tachyglossidae
New Guinea genus of Tachyglossidae
Platypus- Family
Subclass of Marsupials
Infraclss of Marsupials
Opossums- Order
Opossum- Family
KY opossum- Scientific name
Shrew opossums- Order
Monito del monte- Order
Tasmanian Wolf- Order
Bandicoots/Bilbies- Order
Marsupial Moles- Order
Wombat/Koala/Kanga/possum/glider- Order
Koala- Family
Kangaroo/Wallaby- Family
Gliders- Family
Wombats- Family

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