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Michael Scott has been to how many bachelor parties in his life?
What was the name of Angela's cat that Dwight mercy killed in Season 4?
What show does Dwight stay in to watch every Thursday night?
What 1970s hit do Michael and Jim sing karaoke to at Jim's BBQ in Season 2?
What is Pam's favourite flavour of yoghurt?
What is the name of Jim's team on Beach Day in Season 3?
What is the name of David Wallace's clean-up invention for kids?
What is the name of Jan's candle-making business in Season 4?
The actress who plays Karen Fillipelli, Rashida Jones, is the daughter of which music industry icon?
HR's Holly Flax is transferred to which branch in Season 5?
Which office employee does Jim name as the office Santa in Season 6, to the outrage of Michael?
What line of work is Bob Vance, Phyllis' husband in?
Andy Bernard went to which New York university?
What is Erin the secretary's first name?
While in New York in Season 5, who/what does Pam dress up as for Halloween?
What is Pam and Jim's baby's name?
What is the name of the group of high school kids that Michael intends to sponsor?
What is the name of the warehouse guy that Oscar has a crush on?
What disease is Season 4's Fun Run in aid of?
Where does Toby go when he leaves Dunder Mifflin at the end of Season 4?

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